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The Best Drainage Options For Flat Roofs

There are many people now looking to construct flat roofs of their homes. The flat roofs are a very popular sight in many of the commercial buildings. It is now becoming popular for residences as well. But, one of the major issues that flat roofing face is the proper drainage of the rain water and the melting of the snow. If there is no proper drainage in place on flat roofs, it can cause real problems like water pooling, roof leaks, and damages. The deterioration of the roof will happen and in due course of time, you would need to replace the roof. This will cost a lot of money. This is why you need to think of the best drainage solution for flat roofs.


One option is to make sure of the gutters. They are nothing but open pipes that are placed along the edges of the roof. The rainwater that is collected on the roof will have to move towards the gutters so that water gets drained off from the roof. The gutters will help in carrying the rain water away from the roof. In order to fix the gutters, you do not have to make any modifications to the flat roof. All you need is to give a slight slope of a few millimeters to the flat roof so that the water that falls on the roof moves towards the gutter at once. It is very important to clear the debris and fallen leaves from the gutters from time to time in order to ensure that the gutters function properly.

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Internal drains

If you are designing a new flat roof, then you should make sure that it revolves around the place where the internal drains are. A section of the flat roof must be made to slope towards the internal drains that are located at different positions on the roof. There will be downspouts that run along the building. Water collected on the roof will be let through these internal drains. If the roof has already been constructed, then internal drains can be installed at certain points where there is water logging on the roof. It is important to take care of the internal drains from time to time and ensure that it is not closed. The use of strainers on top of the internal drains on the roof will help in preventing the leaves and other debris from entering the pipes and clogging it. These drains are a very good option for larger flat roof areas where water gets collected at the center of the roof.


The most economical type of flat roof drainage system is the scuppers. They are located at the low points on the roof. The rain water will drain through the super openings that are located at the parapet’s base and they will be connected to downspouts or gutters. The water from the roof will be taken away from the building and therefore the walls of the building will be kept dry. The foundation of the building will also be not affected by too much exposure to rain water.