Should I Have A Roofing Contractor Inspect Hail Damage?

roof inspection hail damage

Hailstorm is one of the main reasons to cause damage to the roofs made of shingles. And the damage could be from a minor crack to major rupture. And the sad part is the homeowner could not do anything to stop this damage. Repair is the only preventing measures that they can do.

Now, when the choice comes between doing the self repairs and completing the repairs with the help of a certified specialist or roofing professionals, then it is always good to take the help of a contractor for both to check the intensity damage as well as to repair it. For states like Minnesota, it is important to find an insured roofing company in the Minneapolis area specializing in hail damage and roof repairs.

Various reasons as why is it good to use the help of a contractor

roof inspection hail damage

Post hailstorm inspection

Hailstorm not only causes a major and visible damage to the roofs, but also leads to some internal and invisible damages. The professional contractors are experts in finding out these damages. Thus, when their assistance is taken to check the post hail storm damage, the homeowner gets a detailed report of the damage. These are the following things that they check on the damage monitor

  • The missing granules of the hail have caused internal a black layer under the shingles.
  • The areas that has been freshly impacted by the hail.
  • They identify the shingles that has been impacted because of the hail, though not showing the sign of damage from outside.
  • They identify all the shingles that have been damaged majorly after the hail and that need immediate replacement.
  • After the inspection, the contractor informs the homeowner in detail about what the percentage of damage is, how it could be corrected, which part of the roof immediate repair action and which can wait for some time.

Offer damage repair service

There are two types of roofers present in the market, who provide roofing service. And they are categorized according to the service they provide.

Small roofing companies

These roofers that are known for inspecting the damage incorrectly, they do the detailed monitoring of shingles on the roof after hail and give a report to the homeowner about the intensity of damage. Most of these types of roofers provide minor damage repair service as well.

Professional roofers

There are only a few professional Minneapolis roofers that offer complete repair packages. They can be contacted for everything from damage inspection to re-roofing of the house. The roofers are best known for their quality work. However, most of these roofers do not carry out the work of minor repair. They are known for taking big projects.

Thus, hiring roofers after the hail has a number of benefits. And they should be hired not only for the benefits, but also for taking the quality service. Their service is a requirement for the houses that carries the roofing of shingles.

Maintenance service of roofing

Shingle roofing requires maintenance work, especially before the winters and rain. This ensures no major damage during the peak season. The inspection is best done by the professionals as they are expert in handling this work.