When Is It Time To Replace My Windows And Doors?

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You will have to replace the doors and windows in your home once in a few years to give optimum protection to your home. Remember that they can get worn out due to external environmental factors and there is no way you can prevent it. In most cases, better quality ones should last for at least a decade before it gets worn out completely. On the other hand, you should also consider changing social factors into consideration and opt for secure doors and windows. You have to understand that they are not there for ornamental purpose and they actually protect your home from intruders, strong winds and other factors.

Signs that you need to change them immediately

It becomes difficult to close them and open them freely.
When you are able to see some gap in the corners, it is time to replace your windows and doors. The physical damage to the doors and windows is sometimes too obvious.
You can also replace them when you are doing a complete renovation of your home.
Consider the security issues in your locality while replacing them.
Difficult to use

When the doors and windows do not open freely, you should immediately check the latches and see if they can be replaced to fix the problem. If that is not the case, you should consider replacing the entire unit as it will compromise the safety of your home. When you have problems only during some seasons, you can try scrapping some portions in the edges to get a better fit. It should work in some cases and you will be able to save money spent on replacement. Otherwise, you will have to get a new one for your home.

Gap in the corners

When you see gaps in the edges of doors and windows, you should not neglect the issue even if you are able to use them normally. These gaps will invite pests into the home and you will compromise the safety of the home.

Physically damaged due to weather

Most often, doors and windows get damaged due to constant exposure to sun and moisture. In this regard, you should not keep a worn out door and immediately replace them with new and strong doors.


When you are giving a complete makeover to your home, you can begin with replacing the old doors and windows with new ones. In most cases, old ones will have single panel windows and you can use the double panel ones to get additional insulation from noise and wind. Be sure to hire the right general contractor in install any product you decide on.

Security issues

When you feel that your doors and windows are not strong enough to withstand intruders, you should never neglect the problem. You can easily choose the modern day strong windows and doors made of good quality materials. You can even consider attaching a grilled layer to the doors and windows to provide additional security to your home. It is possible to get double layered grilled doors in the market and you can install them in the entrance area of your home.