Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Is it time to replace your house’s roof? You are probably waiting for a sign that will tell you that it is already time to give your roof a dose of repairs or a total replacement. However, signs of wear and tear on the roof may not be always obvious. It rarely shows signs of damages at all, until the roof finally collapses. If you are not sure about the condition of your roof whether it needs quick repair or replacement, here are the things that you need to consider for a serious roof repair and replacement:

  • Consider the age of the roof.

Generally, a high quality and sturdy roof can last up to 20 years or even more. Proper installation and regular maintenance may also extend the longevity of the roof. One way to know if the roof requires repairs or replacements is by considering its age. The professional roofing contractor can help you evaluate the condition of the roof and recommend the right move to take for home improvement.

  • Consider the loose shingles.

Another sign to consider for a timely roof repair or replacement is the missing part or pieces of shingles. Some shingles are probably missing and the quickest solution is to replace the missing shingles. But when you start to notice shingles getting loosed from the panels, it could be telling something about its real condition. It is probably time to have an expert check the roof to see the real score and recommend the best move.

  • Consider the curling and cracking of shingles.

If the shingles are not missing but are already cracked or curling, then, it is time to let the expert take over. The cracked and curling shingles show that the roof has gone wear and brittle over time. Anytime the strong winds and storms blow through, the roof is sure to fall down. Before that happens, give your house the home improvement it needs and start it off in the roof.

  • Consider the molds on the roof.

Do you notice some dark patches of molds and mosses on the roof? That is a clear sign that your roof is already old and may compromise your safety and security. Although there are ways to clean the stains and the dark patches, directly dealing the root of appearance of molds is the best solution. Have your roof inspected by the expert and plan an extensive home improvement of roof repair or replacement.

  • Consider the holes on the roof.

The holes on the roof are the most obvious signs that show your roof calls for a replacement. The holes do not have to be big ones but small ones where you can see the light from the sun peeping through them. When holes are there, it is time to have your roof replaced.

These are the factors to consider for roof replacement. Once you notice them, do not hesitate to contact a professional and reputable roof contractor and have the roof replaced with a new and energy efficient, modern roofing system.