Certifications and Specialties

Professional Weather Protection Specialists

“Customer Satisfaction” has been the cornerstone of Crow Roofing since 1946. While keeping abreast of the latest industry innovations, we retain the proven methods established by our founder, Walter A. Crow. Providing the greatest value for the investment dollar is our key to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our personnel are professionals in weather protection. Our roofers are union trained members of Roofers and Waterproofers Local 54. Each job is managed by a team comprised of a superintendent, foreman and project manager.

All completed roof systems are guaranteed and covered by a Crow Roofing warranty. Long term manufacturer warranties are also available.

We also provide PRMS: Professional Roof Maintenance and Roof Drainage Service, crucial for maximum life expectancy of your roof. Proper maintenance is a requirement for any long term manufacturer warranty.

We assist clients in budgeting as well as forecasting reroofing time frames and expenditures.

Considering the investment dollars that are required today for weatherproofing a building, we think the selection of a proper weatherproofing specialist to be of utmost importance. We have prepared some guidelines to help you in your planning and selection process.

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Selecting A Contractor

Make sure you select a contractor who has the insurance coverage and endorsements you need, such as an “additional insured clause”. If your project is residential, always check if the contractor has residential insurance.

Select a contractor who has had years of experience (not just the biggest Yellow Pages ad). Selecting a contractor new to the market might work out just fine, but do some research and make sure they have the experience to perform the type of roofing you select.

Check to see if the contractor has coverage under Labor & Industries. If any employees are injured and are not covered, the building owner is responsible for covering the the injury. You can either call the Dept. of Labor & Industries 425-990-1402 or access their contractor license information online Dept of Labor & Industries

Check to see if the contractor is affiliated with the local, regional and national roofing associations. This not a necessity; but roofing associations are created to better the roofing industry. Being involved in an association shows a company is interested in maintaining a good standing among their peers.

Ask for references

refer a friend

Remember, workmanship and service should be the first criteria when deciding on a contractor. A new roofing system is a major cash outlay and you want to get the best value for your dollar. Prices should only be one consideration in selecting a roofing contractor.

Roof Maintenance and Repairs

Following are maintenance recommendations that should be done at least twice a year:

  • Clearing the roof of debris.
  • Clearing drains so water can be removed from the roof efficiently.
  • Tightening any loose drain bolts.
  • Inspecting the roof surface for signs of deterioration and repairing any areas in need of repair.